Apple rumoured to be investigating electric car charging stations

Apple’s as-yet unacknowledged electric car team, Project Titan, appears to be taking the next step in development by speaking with leading charging station companies about their underlying technology, according to an insider source reported on by Reuters.

Most charging companies contacted by Reuters declined to comment on the subject, while Arun Banskota, president of NRG Energy Inc.’s electric car charging business stated his company was “in discussions with every manufacturer of today and every potential manufacturer of tomorrow.”

The news agency adds that its own review of recent Apple hires on LinkedIn turns up the fact that the company has recently hired at least four engineers with expertise in the subject in the recent past. Among them are a former BMW employee and Google employee.

Knowing Apple’s penchant for proprietary technology, if and when it does manufacture a charging station, it’ll likely be for its own cars alone, like Tesla’s growing network.

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