OnePlus slashes price of OnePlus 2 to $399 and OnePlus X to $269

Ahead of the June unveiling of its next smartphone, OnePlus has reduced the price of all of its devices.

The company’s current flagship, the 64GB OnePlus 2, is now priced at $399 CAD, while the OnePlus X, only available in the company’s onyx colour, is down to $269 CAD. The $329 OnePlus One is currently out of stock, which speaks to the purpose of this sale: clearing out supply before the release of the OnePlus 3.

While OnePlus has reduced the price of the OnePlus 2 by a modest amount (just this past February the company cut the price of the device down by $30 to $449), at $269 the OnePlus X is definitely worth considering. For $170 less than the cost of the Nexus 5X, prior to shipping and handling, Canadian consumers can get a smartphone that has a lot of the same specs of Google’s Marshmallow showcase.

For consumers who may bought one of the company’s phones just before this sale was announced, OnePlus will refund the price difference for purchases made within the last 14 days.