Samsung shows off 5.7-inch rollable display [Video]

For a number of years now, we’ve seen the South Korean smartphone OEMs, including Samsung, tease smartphones with bendable displays. More recent rumours point to the company releasing its first foldable display smartphone, set to be called the Galaxy X, sometime in 2017.

A new video, filmed by SlashGear, shows off the significant work Samsung has put into the concept since it showed off its first prototype in 2011.

Revealed at SID 2016, an annual event devoted to digital displays, in San Francisco, California, the company’s most recent prototype is a 1080p 5.7-inch display with a pixel density of 386 pixels per inch. The prototype measures in at 0.3mm thick and features a 10mm rolling radius.

The rumoured Galaxy X is expected to feature a 5-inch curved OLED display that transformed into a 7-inch tablet.

samsung fold

[source] SlashGear [/source]