Virgin Mobile starts selling tablets on installment plans

Virgin Mobile currently sells two tablets, the ZTE Grand X View and Samsung Galaxy Tab E. It’s members, who are more commonly known as wireless subscribers, are now able to purchase a tablet on an installment plan.

This new option of device subsidy went into place on May 25th and apparently it’s something people have been requesting. The carrier is offering two budget tablets, the $239 ZTE Grand X View and $329 Samsung Galaxy Tab E, and subscribers have the option to purchase either device outright, or pay over a 24-month installment plan.

If subscribers choose the installment plan, they’ll pay taxes on the full price of the device immediately, as well as any upfront cost. The Grand X View currently stands at $49.99, while the Galaxy Tab E is at $0. As for monthly rates, subscribers will pay for a flexible data plan that starts at $5 for 10MB and goes up to $40 for 5GB (customers who use upwards of 5GB pay $10/GB). In addition, they’ll pay the monthly installment price. For the Galaxy Tab E that’s $13.75 per month.

According to an internal doc we received, the Grand X View hasn’t been given an installment price yet and is in fact listed under the subsidy model of tablet purchasing. However, it’s probable that the Grand X View will have an installment price of $10 per month, as it does at parent-company Bell.

Update: A reader has commented that the ZTE tablet is in fact still on the 2-year subsidy pricing rather than installments. No word yet on Virgin’s site or elsewhere on the corresponding monthly rate.

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