Facebook is testing a feature that will help its social media app use less data


In what’s likely going to come as good news to Canadians who pay a significant amount of money for their data buckets, it appears Facebook is testing a “Use Less Data” feature within its popular social media app.

The feature, spotted by a Android Police reader, is currently only available to a small number of Android Facebook users. Moreover, based on the description provided within the app, the functionality it brings is limited.

“Facebook will use less of your phone’s data when this is turned on,” says the dialogue under the Use Less Data toggle. “The images in your News Feed will appear smaller than usual.”

Like many of the features Facebook routinely A/B tests, this option may not roll out to all of Facebook’s more than 1.5 billion mobile users.

This isn’t the first time Facebook has tried to tame its notoriously resource intensive app. Last year, the social media giant launched Facebook Lite, a version of its app designed for Android phones in use in developing countries. Unfortunately, Facebook Lite is unavailable in North America — though it’s still possible to download if you know where to look.

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