App of the Week: Skeptical Science helps you combat climate change deniers

Bill Nye, magical as he is, can’t be everywhere he’s needed when it comes to debating climate change deniers. Sometimes that responsibility will fall to you, and when it does, will you be ready?

You sure will if you download Skeptical Science, an app built specifically to give you ammunition to shut down the misconceived arguments that lead a person to stray from the inconvenient truth of global climate change.

The app was conceived by helpful Australian scientist John Cook who drew together peer-reviewed scientific literature to create rebuttals to some of the most common arguments used to deny climate change.

inside da app

The main page of the app shows four main skeptic themes: it’s not happening, it’s not us, it’s not bad and it’s too hard. Under those categories, there are specific arguments such as: “There is no consensus.”

Skeptical Science’s short answer? “97 percent of climate experts agree humans are causing global warming.” That’s followed by a considerable amount of scientific citations, figures and text explanation, just in case your climate change denying buddy doesn’t believe you.

The app also features a page for the top 10 most used arguments– sitting at number one is the rebuttal to “Climate’s changed before”– and a page for recent news on the topic.

Now all we need is an app for the flat world truthers, full of Neil Degrasse Tyson one-liners.

Skeptical Science is freely available on both iOS and Android.