Rogers rolls out Ignite Gigabit internet in Moncton, plans further New Brunswick expansion

Rogers has announced that its Ignite Gigabit internet, with download speeds of up to one gigabit per second, is now available in the greater Moncton area of New Brunswick. It also notes that it has plans to continue expansion of the service across New Brunswick and Newfoundland in the coming months.

“At top speeds, customers can download an HD movie in less than 30 seconds, a full album in less than one second, and a game in about five minutes,” said Kelly Atkinson, executive vice president of residential services at Rogers in the press release marking the expansion. 

The price for gigabit internet is set at $149 per month, which matches Bell Aliant’s price for gigabit internet. Bell Aliant’s website indicates gigabit internet service is available in Moncton areas that have FibreOp service, and promises speeds of 940 mbps for downloads, 100 mbps for upload. Roger’s promised upload speed is 50 mbps.

Rogers is also offering gigabit internet for business, which is set at $179.99 with no term.

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