Lenovo reveals livestreaming 360 VR camera at Tech World

It looks like Lenovo is working on more VR-related products than just the Phab 2 Pro Tango smartphone. The company has also revealed a new live-streaming 360-degree camera.

The device was reportedly expected to be revealed during the company’s Tech World press conference, but never made it to the stage. A Lenovo executive, however, did discuss the 360-degree camera in an exclusive interview with virtual reality-focused website UploadVR

The camera reportedly utilizes Movidius Myraid 2 processors, has the ability to stitch together 360-degree video and can live-stream content wirelessly. Other than these facts, however, very little is known about the device so far.

A variety of smartphone manufacturers, including LG and Samsung, have revealed 360-degree cameras this year. While the image quality of LG’s G5 was underwhelming, the 360 Cam works as a decent entry-level 360-degree camera. Samsung also revealed its own Gear 360 camera at Mobile World Congress this year.

At Lenovo’s Tech World keynote presentation yesterday, the company revealed its next flagship smartphone, the Moto Z, as well as the first augmented reality Tango smartphone, the Phab 2 Pro.

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