Apple announces macOS Sierra, its rebranded Mac operating system

Apple today announced an update to its Macintosh operating system, now titled “macOS Sierra.”

The new version introduces a feature called ‘auto unlock,’ which allows users to unlock a Mac using their iPhone. Apple also announced a new universal clipboard feature, which lets users cut and paste across devices.


Another new feature, continuing on the theme of continuity, lets users see their Mac desktop on multiple machines and access it on an iPhone.

For those using a Mac with a small hard drive, Apple is launching a feature that allows users to automatically upload specific files to iCloud. Users will be able to auto-clear unused data on their Mac after a specified amount of time.


Under the previous naming style, this update would have been OS X 10.12.

The version predating it is OS X 10.11 “El Capitan,” which brought public transport built in to Maps, GUI improvements to the Notes application and the adoption of a new font.

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