Microsoft announces new Xbox One S, Canadians can now pre-order for $499

At its E3 keynote in Los Angeles, Microsoft today announce the Xbox One S, a smaller, more capable version of its eighth generation console.

Set to ship this August, the Xbox One S is 40 percent smaller than its predecessor, and features a built-in power supply. The console’s new design also allows future owners of the console to display it either horizontally or vertically.

On the functionality side of things, the console is capable of outputting 4K and HDR video. The Xbox One S also includes a dedicated IR blaster, allowing users to turn on and control their TV with their Xbox. However, as a compromise, the device no longer has a dedicated Kinect port. According to The Verge, users will need to buy a USB adapter to get their old Kinect to work with the device.

Update: A Microsoft spokesperson has confirmed Canadian pricing for us. The Xbox One S will be available in three SKUs: $399 for 500GB, $449 for 1TB and $499 for 2TB. The 2TB version, which will launch first, is already available to pre-order.

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