How to play soccer – and all the rest of Facebook’s hidden games – in Messenger

In great news for those of us who love to waste time in chats with our friends, Facebook Messenger just introduced a new hidden game, this time soccer-themed, in honour of the 2016 UEFA European Championship.

It’s a mildly infuriating game of keep-up that counts the amount of times you bump up the ball to keep it from falling off the screen.

So how do you get it? It’s a simple case of emoji use. Just ensure Messenger is up-to-date (the game can’t be played in a web browser), and then enter the soccer emoji in to a conversation. Click on the emoji once its published and it’ll lead you to the game. When you lose or exit the game, the score posts to your Facebook conversation.

There’s also a game of hoops available in Messenger, first released during March Madness. It’s a basketball shooting game that gets more and more difficult as you advance. To start playing b-ball just post a basketball emoji.

basketball and chess

For the more cerebral amongst us, there’s also a game of chess. To start a chess game, type “@fbchess play” in your chat session. Just know that this is not a new-fangled click-and-play chess game. You’re going to have to write in directions based on a grid of the board.

In case that wasn’t enough, here’s a bonus: if you type in @dailycute, you’ll get a cute picture in your conversation every day.