Ontario government drives home message about dangers of distracted driving [Video]

The Government of Ontario is serious about educating the province’s drivers on the dangers of using a mobile device while driving.

The provincial government has released, and uploaded to YouTube in several different languages. a new video that encourages Ontario drivers to put down their phone and focus on driving. “When your eyes aren’t on the road, things can happen fast. Join the conversation and commit to #PutDownthePhone,” says the video’s description.

The government notes, based on statistics from 2013, that one person is injured in a distracted driving-related collision every half hour.

The Government of Ontario banned the use of an electronic device, including smartphones, tablets, music players and laptops, while driving in 2009. Since September 1, 2015, anyone caught using an electronic device while driving will be fined a minimum of $490 and will receive three demerit points.

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