BitTorrent aims to take on big name streaming services with new app


BitTorrent continues its quest to legitimize its peer-to-peer protocol, proving that Torrents aren’t just for illegally downloading episodes of Game of Thrones.

BitTorrent, the company behind the Torrent protocol and programs like BitTorrent and uTorrent, has launched a video and music streaming app that utilizes peer-to-peer technology and is an extension of its already established BitTorrent Bundle network that features artists like Madonna and comedian David Cross.

While BitTorrent Bundle originally launched as a free distribution platform, Thom Yorke’s album launch introduced a “paygate” to the service, allowing artists to release their work behind a pay-wall. BitTorrent Now follows a similar strategy, though the company’s new platform is ad-supported and allows users to stream artists’ content to iOS Android and the 4th-generation Apple TV.


Files streamed through the platform feature embedded ads, though if a user opts for the “paygate” feature,” the content becomes ad-free. BitTorrent claims 30,000 artists have released content through its BitTorrent Bundle program, reaching 200 million users. So while few big artists have released content through BitTorrent, it seems like the distribution platform has still found an audience.

While it’s unlikely BitTorrent Now will be able to compete with current streaming music industry titans like Apple Music and Spotify, given its emphasis on independent artists, the platform could become a viable indie alternative to the popular mainstream offerings.


BitTorrent Now’s Android app is available today and the iOS and Apple TV app is scheduled to launch in the near future.

The company also revealed plans last month to release its own live streaming platform called BitTorrent Live.