Netflix offline viewing could launch by the end of the year

In the past, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has hinted that he’s keeping an “open mind” regarding the possibility of adding the ability for subscribers to view content offline.

Now, a new report sourced from LightReading as well as Gizmodo, indicates that the feature could launch towards the end of the year. While likely not useful at all times, in situations where internet isn’t available, or your Wi-Fi signal is weak, the ability to queue up content to watch at a later date – during lengthy plane trips for examples – could be extremely useful.

Netflix will, however, run into issues regarding copyright when it comes to downloading television shows and movies, with the rollout of offline viewing likely being on a studio by studio basis. Piracy will also become another issue the streaming titan will have to contend with if it actually plans to launch offline streaming.

When Netflix officially announces offline viewing, you’ll definitely be able to read about it on MobileSyrup, only online though of course.

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