Game of the Week: ‘Dropple’ like it’s hot

Dropple is a game designed for players with an exceeding amount of patience and that don’t mind sometimes becoming mind-numpingly frustrated.

I stumbled across this micro masterpiece in the Google Play Store earlier this week after it rocketed to the top of the “Trending” Google Play Store section, a great tab of the marketplace to find new games worth playing.


The goal of The Mascoteers’ Dropple is simple. A ball constantly moves forward, “dropping” down a never ending flight of stairs. Your goal, however, is to drop the stairs in front of it in succession, preventing the ball from plunging into nothingness.

Each flight of stairs slides across the screen and it’s the players goal to place each one in as perfect a line as possible. Sometimes, in what at least feels like random moments, the perspective and direction of the stairs will shift from left to right.

While this might sound like a simple obstacle to circumvent, the reality of the gameplay situation these shifts create in Dropple is far from easy.

Typically my sessions end almost exactly as the jarring perspective shift, occurs though the more I play the game, the better my ability to handle it has become.

Various game modes likes Reverse, Flat and Vanish also help keep things interesting if you grow bored of Dropple’s classic never-ending mode. Dropple is available on iOS and Android for free (it’s supported by ads and in-app purchases).

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