Samsung Galaxy Note 7 name confirmed, will also include an iris scanner

Note 5

Samsung is rumoured to officially announce the next Galaxy Note on August 2nd.

One of the more unusual speculations surrounding this flagship is that the company will skip right past the Galaxy Note 6 branding by calling the larger-sized Android the Note 7. Today, reputable device leaker Evan Blass confirmed this to be true.

On Twitter, Blass revealed the branding of the Galaxy Note 7, which has the same font as previous Samsung devices this year. Unfortunately, there is no reason yet as to why Samsung has gone this route for the Note 7, but early assumptions are to get in line with the GS7 naming scheme.


Another morsel that Blass revealed is something that Samsung has been working on for years, the inclusion of an iris scanner. This has been in the works since 2014 and looks to be coming to the Note 7. This addition could add another level of security to the experience and empower the owner to unlock the device with their eyes and eventually confirm mobile payments.

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