VIZIO launches line of SmartCast televisions in Canada


VIZIO, a relatively new smart television manufacturer known for creating low-cost televisions with high-end specifications, has announced plans to launch its line of SmartCast TVs in Canada.

Unlike most smart TVs, VIZIO’s televisions fully integrate GoogleCast technology into their operating systems. This turns any smartphone or tablet into a remote and allows users to easily cast content from their smartphone to one of VIZIO’s SmartCast televisions.

Unlike LG’s WebOS operating system or Samsung’s Tizen, VIZIO’s SmartCast TVs are controlled directly through the company’s SmartCast app, allowing users to adjust television settings and navigate smart television apps from a greater distance, but also without the use of a traditional controller.

Whether or not this bare bones approach to a television operating system resonates with television owners remains unclear, but for those who opt for set-top boxes or game consoles when it comes to streaming applications, VIZIO’s SmartCast approach to Wi-Fi-enabled televisions is a refreshing change of base.

The TVs will be sold at Costco Canada and start at $1,499 for the P-Series 50-inch television, $3,199 for the M-Series 70-inch and $1299 for the E-Series 50-inch Ultra HD class.

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