FidoDollars loyalty program officially expires July 6 [Reminder]


This is a reminder to all the Fido customers across Canada: your FidoDollars are about to expire and vanish for life.

FidoDollars loyalty program was actually axed from its offering April 2015 in favour of premium content from Spotify and Vice.

“Since participation in FidoRewards is going down and interest in services like Spotify Premium and DAILY VICE is going up, we are phasing out our current FidoRewards program to refocus our efforts on creating value for you. You can look forward to new offerings to enhance your experience,” said Fido.

In its heyday, FidoDollars gave customers four percent of their monthly bill back in currency that could be put towards the purchase of a new device or accessories. This one-time loyalty initiative will be put to bed on July 6th so cash them in if you can.

Update: Fido stated in an email to us that “some customers’ rewards expire on July 6, 2016 others can still redeem their accumulated FidoDOLLARS balance until July 6, 2018.”