Montreal-made Transit App adds Bike Share integration in Toronto


Montreal-developer Transit App, arguably the best public transit tracking application on the iOS App Store, as well as the Android Google Play Store, just got even more useful thanks to Bike Share integration in Toronto.

Touching the Bike Share icon in Transit App now shows where every Bike Share location is in the city, including the number of bikes located at each dock. Users are also able to sign into their Bike Share account through Transit App as well as purchase a pass, all directly within Transit App’s platform.

“Before, folks in Toronto used Transit App to see which nearby bike share stations had bikes available (5 left? 1 left? None?). But now, they can go one step further: they can buy bike share passes and unlock those bikes from their phone — like some sort of magical, bipedal, app-obsessed wizard,” writes Transit App in a recent blog post.

A 24 hour access pass is priced at $7.91 and a 72 hour access pass is priced at $16.95. Gift card redemption can also be performed through the app as well.

Transit App says it has plans to launch more partnerships with bike sharing platforms in various Canadian cities in the near future. In specific cities, Columbus, Ohio and Aspen, Colorado. The app also supports ride share integration with platforms like Uber and Car2Go.

What separates Transit App from other similar public transportation platforms is how closely the app’s data is linked to the user’s GPS location. Depending on where you are, different nearby routes will be displayed on the screen, complete with timing of when the next train, streetcar or bus will arrive.

The city of Toronto’s parking authority recently announced a major expansion of its bike sharing program, adding 120 new stations and 1,000 new bikes.

Transit App is available for iOS and Android.

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