Windows 10 anniversary update set to release August 2 and will be free, but not forever

Microsoft announced today that it’s Windows 10 Anniversary Update – set to bring several highly anticipated features to the masses – is coming on August 2nd.

It will be freely available to Windows desktop, laptop and tablet users who update to Windows 10 prior to July 29th, after which time it’ll cost $119 USD for the upgrade. This marks a change in strategy for Microsoft, which has been giving Windows 10 upgrades away for free to Windows 7 and 8.1 users since its debut on July 29, 2015.

While the update won’t be free for computers and tablets in the future, The Verge has confirmed that Xbox Ones and Windows mobile devices will receive the update for free without a time limit announced yet.

The anniversary update promises to launch Windows Ink and bring Cortana to more devices, as well as deliver a faster and even more power efficient Edge browser with browser extensions, and offer new security features, gaming experiences, and educational tools.

Microsoft’s blog post announcing the update also mentions that over 350 million devices are now running Windows 10.

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