Telus is streaming Toronto’s Canada Day fireworks from 400 feet using drones

Can’t make it to the fireworks this year? If you have an internet connection, Telus has you covered.

The telecom will be livestreaming the Canada Day fireworks at Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre using drones flying 400 feet in the air. Telus states it’s the first time such a feat has been attempted in the nation.

The stream will be viewable on Telus’ Facebook page through the social media platform’s livestreaming feature at 10:45 PM EST.

If this all sounds a little risky, Telus has been assuring commenters on its Facebook post announcing the flight that it’s well-regulated.

“We adhere to strict Transport Canada rules and regulations, and have permission from them to fly our drones at this time. This includes both a S.F.O.C and NOTAM filed,” says Telus.

Hopefully the shots are just as well-planned.

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