Deadmau5 is releasing a Google Cardboard headset and game on July 27

Virtual reality gaming is still in the early stages, with more powerful and capable hardware launching on an almost monthly basis. In the near future, however, it’s likely most consumers will use their mobile phone to experience virtual reality, with Google Cardboard currently the cheapest and simplest way to get a taste of VR.

Games made in partnership with celebrities aren’t particularly new, but a new Google Cardboard-based VR game made in partnership by Deadmau5 and Absolut Vodka’s digital wing Absolut Labs, aims to be a fresh new spin on the idea. The game allows users to play through aspects of Deadmau5’s life from his perspective, like driving through Toronto in his sports car, or getting to shows and interacting with fans.

The game features new exclusive music from Deadmau5, which will be orchestrated by players at a live show in front of fans. The game features a special limited-edition Google Cardboard viewer, which can be preordered now from the game developers’ website, KnoxLabs.

Absolut Deadmau5 can be preordered now (order by July 8th will guarantee arrival by the game’s release), and will be available for download on July 27th.

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