OnePlus 3’s Oxygen 3.2 update fixes VR magnet issue, improves RAM management [Update: halted]

A new version of OnePlus’ operating system, Oxygen 3.2, is currently rolling out to users of the OnePlus 3, the company’s recently released “flagship killer.’

The update promises to fix many issues brought up by reviewers and early buyers, including aggressive memory management that evicts apps and an issue with the magnetic sensor that caused problems when used in compatible VR headsets.

The OnePlus 3 display’s colour rendition has also been a point of contention, leading the company to enable sRGB mode in developer options with this update. sRGB is a colour gamut known for real-world accuracy.

The update is 396MB and also lists the following changes: improved GPS management, enhanced audio playback quality, updated custom icon packs, fixes for notifications issues, improved camera quality/functionality, fixes to issues with Gallery app, fixes for bugs in Clock and Music apps, and the latest Google security patches.

An issue in causing the fingerprint sensor to fail to switch off when the phone is place in a pocket has not been fixed, report commenters on the company’s online forum.

Update: OnePlus has temporarily halted the OTA rollout of the update “due to some reports of issues upgrading.” The company says it’ll start back up as soon as possible.

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