Apple will reportedly scrap 16GB option with the iPhone 7


It looks like the days of 16GB iPhones may finally be coming to a end. Rumours reveal that the iPhone 7 will likely start at 32GB and that storage options will increase from there.

The Wall Street Journal reported this morning that those who are on the market for a new iPhone should wait until September to make that purchase. The iPhone 7 will likely have several new selling points in addition to storage, such as battery life and the elimination of the headphone port.

By dropping the 16GB, Apple addresses a longstanding concern about its phones, despite other assets like high quality performance. Users have consistently said that 16GB just isn’t enough to support their smartphone usage even when they factor in the iCloud and other cloud service.

With the iPhone 6, Apple offered storage options consisting of 16GB, 64GB and 128GB. While 16GB simply isn’t enough, 64GB is far more than some people need. Therefore, it only makes sense to re-introduce the happy medium of 32GB.

It’s also important for eager buyers to remember that when the iPhone 7 comes out in September, the price on current iPhones will likely drop. Therefore, if you don’t mind being slightly behind the curve, it could also pose an opportunity to get the iPhone 6s for less.

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