Google rumoured to be working on two new Nexus smartwatches

Moto 360

In addition to releasing new Nexus smartphones at an unknown date, Google is also rumoured to be building two new Android Wear devices.

The Angelfish and the Swordfish, as they’ve reportedly been dubbed, will likely be debuted following the release of Google’s rumoured Nexus phones.

According to Android Police, the larger watch has been nicknamed the Angelfish and the smaller watch, the Swordfish, which makes sense considering the upcoming phones have been dubbed the Sailfish and the Marlin.

The Angelfish apparently resembles a Moto 360, featuring a smooth shape, a crown on the side and flanked by two hardware buttons. On the other hand, the Swordfish may resemble a Pebble Time Round in size and feel. Both watches will have full, circular displays.

While the Angelfish is rumoured to feature GPS and LTE capabilities as well as a heart rate monitor, it’s unlikely that the Swordfish will incorporate these features. In addition, the smaller Swordfish will only contain one button on the side of the device and it’s unclear whether it will also have a heart rate monitor.

There has been speculation that the Swordfish will be made in silver, rose gold and titanium whereas the Angelfish may only be available in titanium. Furthermore, both watches will likely have the Google Assistant built in allowing users to receive what Android Police calls “contextual alerts.”

Furthermore, Google may take this opportunity to introduce a brand new style of watch faces that offers greater accessibility to notifications, information and media controls. Android Police states that this will likely be part of the new app watchface integration announced as part of Wear 2.0.

While this is still a rumour and is absolutely subject to potential changes or cancellations, reports indicate the information is fairly credible. It’s assumed that Angelfish and Swordfish will be released following Sailfish and Marlin, though no official dates have been announced.

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