Tourism Calgary rolls out new mobile hotspot kiosk with free Wi-Fi

The City of Calgary is hitting the streets promoting how great it is.

In an effort to boost tourism in the city, a new “Mobile Kiosk” has been created that also acts as a mobile hotspot to gives you free Wi-Fi while you plan your day.

What is being dubbed as “the new generation of visitor centre,” the Mobile Kiosk is a pilot project that’s basically a bike that tows information and coupons on the various events, festivals, restaurants, and attractions happening in Calgary this summer, including the upcoming Stampede.

“Tourism Calgary has replaced its bricks and mortars location in the city centre in favour of travelling to where the action is. No longer do you have to travel to a stationary information centre to get the best expertise on activities in the city,” says Tourism Calgary.


Finally, the Mobile Kiosk is outfitted with free Wi-Fi “and the team has the latest technology on wheels to provide you with the most current of tips on what’s going on in the city.”

Unfortunately, there were no details on what the latest tech is but it’s most likely a tablet or smartphone that gives tips and tools on how to experience the best of what Calgary has to offer.

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