Renders reveal two rumoured upcoming Nexus smartwatches

A report surfaced last week that Google’s been working on two new Nexus smartwatches codenamed Angelfish and Swordfish – the former a premium device and the latter a more budget offering.

Now, courtesy of the same publication, Android Police, visuals have emerged of the devices, which the publication notes may or may not end up under the Nexus brand, potentially arriving under just “Google” or “Pixel.”

The publication recreated images of the wearables, which it believes will debut after the two rumoured HTC Nexus devices that have been the centerpiece of many recent links. Android Police cautions that the devices are still undergoing technical and design development, meaning that aspects of the smartwatches are likely to change prior to release.

Nexus smartwatches

The larger and purportedly thicker smartwatch on the left in the renders is Angelfish, says the publication, while the other is Swordfish. The main screen on the Angelfish appears to be a new iteration of Google’s customizable Android Wear 2.0 watch faces. The publication predicts that the design of Angelfish will make the watch incompatible with Google MODE Android Wear bands, due to the fact that “the straps on this watch curve where they meet the bottom of the watch body.”

On the other hand, Swordfish will be compatible with MODE bands. It’s thinner, smaller and lighter, with a curved bezel. Not pictured, says Android Police, is a black gap between where the watch body ends and the display begins, thanks to the glass overlapping a small amount of display bezel. Though this may not be ideal, it’s nonetheless better than having the bottom portion of the screen cut out, like in past Android Wear devices.

Previously to producing the images, Android Police reported that Angelfish will have an onboard GPS, a heart rate sensor and LTE connectivity allowing it run standalone apps. Swordfish won’t have LTE or GPS, and will be smaller in display and size.

Aside from the pictures, not much is known about these devices in development. How much they will cost, as well as when and where they will launch are still large question marks.

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