SyrupDrop July 22: Rogers earnings are up and Twitter opens verification

Welcome back to the SyrupDrop! It’s been a busy week in Canadian tech with some surprising announcements.

Twitter is now making it easier to get verified. Facebook is the second most downloaded app on the app store. Telus is the first in Canada to launch 4K TV programming and Rogers earnings are up this quarter! Watch for the full SyrupDrop!

To see a full list of the stories covered in this week’s SyrupDrop, please see below:

Telus becomes the first to launch 4K TV in Western Canada

Rogers Q2 2016 results show increase in wireless revenues, subscribers now at 9,962,000

Facebook Messenger reaches 1 billion users and begins to refocus

Canadian-made Bitmojis in snaps means your mom now loves Snapchat

Twitter opens up online application for verified account status