Photo-editing app Prisma now available for Android, updated to include save button

Prisma, the wildly popular photo editing app taking over everyone’s social media feeds, is now available on Android devices.

The free app takes mobile snaps and turns them into visual art through filters that are impressively accurate imitations of great artists and famous painting styles. First released on iOS, Prisma launched an exceedingly short Android beta last week, and is now available to download on Android devices running 4.1 and above.

Additionally, Prisma Labs, the developer behind the app, has updated Prisma on both iOS an Android to allow users to save edited pictures to their phones. Previously, users could only share their photos online.

This new feature significantly enhances the already entertaining app, but most fans are likely hoping that Prisma’s servers will become the next focus of attention for its developer, as the popular app has experienced consistent trouble with server overloads due to its processing-intensive nature.

Download Prisma for Android.

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