BlackBerry holds off patent trolls after lawsuit in Texas

Hardware companies in the tech industry are constantly being sued, fought in court, and forced to defend their use of supposedly original ideas. Patent trolls, on the other hand, are often holders of patents or copyrights seeking to profit off the work of others despite holding no real legal ownership over technology or ideas.

Companies like Samsung and Apple are constantly fighting battles in courts around the world over the technology powering Galaxy and iOS devices, and millions of dollars is often at stake. However, from time to time, even smaller companies like BlackBerry can get caught up in the most tedious of legal disputes.

On July 22nd, a District Court in Texas ruled that a set of five patents held by Mobile Telecommunications LLC, all relating to network-compatible mobile devices, were not infringed by BlackBerry. Cases such as these are often brought up in Texas, since courts there tend to rule in favour of such patent trolls, but in this case all five cases of alleged patent infringement were ruled out.

Though BlackBerry hardware aspirations have been significantly scaled back in recent years, it would appear its legal team is still working hard to continue selling current and new devices.

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