Google updates Nexus phones to warn users of incoming spam calls

Nexus 5X prototype

Google has updated its phone app to support new spam protection features in its lineup of Nexus and Android One devices.

Once Nexus owners update their smartphone with the company’s latest software and made sure to enable caller ID, their device will display a red call screen anytime it suspects an incoming call could be coming from a spam caller, warning users that it’s probably best they not pickup the call.

Android Spam Protection

Should the user decide to pick up the call, however, they can then confirm whether it is in fact spam or if it’s legitimate. If the call is spam, then the user can block the number. Otherwise, they can inform Google that the number is legitimate.

The update should come as a welcome addition to Nexus owners. Despite the efforts of the CRTC, spam calls are still commonplace in Canada — especially ones that originate outside of Canada, attempting to seduce callers with free cruises to Barbados and flights from West Jet.