Microsoft updates authenticator app with Apple Watch and Samsung Gear support

Microsoft has announced plans to update its authenticator app for iOS and Android devices on August 15th, combining key elements of its previously separate Microsoft account and Azure AD authenticators into one app that supports both consumer and enterprise scenarios.

One of the most notable benefits the new combined authenticator app will bring is support for wearables such as the Apple Watch and Samsung Gear Fit, which will allows users to approve multi-factor authentication prompts through their smartwatch.

Another important new feature included in Microsoft’s authenticator app is one-click push notifications. This means that users need only to click the approve button in the notification centre to to complete their login approval, removing the need to open the app.

Furthermore, the app will undergo a user-experience refresh and both iPhone and Android apps will now incorporate fingerprint approvals.

Several companies, including Google, have explored the potential of two-step identification. Google has gone on to include a tap-to-approve feature on its platform for iOS and Android. Since there’s no need to open the Microsoft Authenticator app to approve login attempts, Microsoft’s service could be more convenient if it works well.

This new app will materialize through an update to Azure Authenticator, which means that existing Azure Authenticator accounts will automatically be updated. Other Microsoft accounts will receive a message prompting them to download the app.

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