LG preparing to launch V10 successor later this year

V10 Second Screen

Despite high hopes going into its launch, the G5 has turned out to be a clear failure for parent company LG. During its most recent earning calls, released today, the company announced a $132-million USD operating loss from its mobile division, with poor sales of the G5 to blame for the downturn.

Moving into Q3 2016, the Korean conglomerate says it will turn to new devices, including “the new V series”, as it seeks to turn its financial fortunes around. Most Canadians will be forgiven if the V series doesn’t sound familiar; the series’ first iteration, the V10, released last year, did not come out in Canada.

Essentially a more powerful G4, the V10 was notable for its second screen ticker display. Depending on the state of the V10’s main screen, its second screen can act as dedicated app launcher or notification tray. It launched to positive reviews on U.S.-based websites like The Verge and CNET.

Normally, news of a new entry in a lineup that doesn’t have a history of coming to Canada isn’t cause for celebration here, but with sales of the G5 so poor, LG may decide to bring the new V series smartphone to Canada and other territories to salvage its year end results. At the very least, the lead up to the V10’s successor will be interesting.

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