Valve discounts 175 Vive and Oculus Rift titles up to 80% off during VR weekend sale

Moving into the weekend, Valve, the king of online sales, has slashed the price off a number of virtual reality titles available through its Steam online store.

All told, 175 titles are on sale until this Monday afternoon. Following the company’s well-known summer sale, this weekend’s VR sale is one of Valve’s most extensive to date.

Moreover, it’s not just games available on Valve’s own Vive headset that are discounted; several of the discounted titles are also available on Facebook’s Oculus Rift. While most of the titles have seen their price slashed a modest 15 to 25 percent, there’s a $280 bundle that collects 20 of the platform’s best titles and discounts them an additional 15 percent on top of their already reduced price.

Notable on-sale items include Holopoint, Call of the Starseed and Audioshield.

Check out the full list of discounted titles here.

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