The Apple Store app is getting a redesign with a recommendations section

The Apple Store app hasn’t changed much since it was released back in 2012, although features like EasyPay to let customers buy accessories without a salesperson have been slowly added over time. As it stands the primary function of the app is to let customers see inventory and order products, and it has been the most useful pre-ordering tool for die-hard Apple fans staying up past midnight on release days.

In the next few weeks, sources familiar with the project say the Apple Store app is getting a substantial redesign, including a recommendation page where accessories and complimentary products will be highlighted based on a customer’s purchase history. The section, called ‘For You’ like the recommendations section of Apple Music, will be a new step for the company, which tends to highlight the same products to all users, regardless of their history with the company.

The new app will also be universal between the iPhone and iPad, whereas the current version is actually two separate apps that are effectively identical. The app should be out just in time for the back to school promotions that Apple typically runs, and it’s possible new products (like updates to the Mac lineup) could be released at the same time.