Bell reveals 4K IPTV plans in Q2 2016 earnings report


Buried within Bell’s Q2 2016 earnings report is interesting information relating to the telecom’s future IPTV plans.

Bell says that later this month it plans to release a completely wireless IPTV installation option that features a wireless 4K PVR designed to work with its Fibe TV service.


“Bell will be the first TV provider in the world to offer a completely wireless IPTV installation with the wireless 4K PVR for Fibe TV,” reads the release.

The telecom also claims that it’s set to be the first carrier in Canada to integrate Netflix’s 4K streaming tier into its Fibe 4K PVR service, offering the popular streaming app through its various wireless TV receivers.

To facilitate the internet speeds required to reliably stream 4K, Bell also says it has plans to release the Home Hub 3000, a router-modem combo with 1GB/s download speeds, three times faster than the company’s current high-end router offerings.

Late last month Rogers revealed plans to launch its own 4K IPTV service in the company’s latest earnings report.

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