Keep tabs on Canada’s Olympic progress with CBC Rio 2016 [App of the Week]

The Summer Olympics have just begun, and what better way to keep up with Team Canada than a dedicated Rio 2016 app created by Canada’s Olympic Network? CBC Rio 2016 provides users with on-the-go video streaming and real-time news about Canadian athletes in a simple, well-designed format packed with behind-the-scenes interviews.

The CBC Rio 2016 app features four main tabs running across the top: ‘Headlines,’ the default home page; ‘Must Watch,’ which highlights select video clips; ‘Rio Now,’ a live feed of social media posts; and ‘Results,’ which holds scores, athletes and the schedule for Canadian events.

rio 2016 cbc app 2

Additionally, the sidebar menu provides more specific categories, such as ‘Photos’ and ‘Sports,’ where you can search by the type of athletics you’d like to follow.

One of the handiest aspects of the app, however, is its notifications settings. If you’re the type of sports fans that wants immediate info, you can set up push notifications for medal events and breaking news. If you’d rather have everything tidily summed up, CBC Rio 2016 can notify you with the daily medal summary instead.

While the video-laden app can sometimes act a bit laggy, its well-designed user experience makes it an overall satisfactory mobile experience– perfect for discrete mid-day work breaks spent cheering on the Great White North.

CBC Rio 2016 is freely available on both iOS and Android.