Blocks modular smartwatch opens developer program before fall launch

As wearable devices grow in popularity, the market for what customers want out of their devices continues to expand. While smartwatches like the Apple Watch, the Pebble and Android Wear devices are selling in large numbers, some users are looking for a more customizable smartwatch experience.

The last time we caught up with Blocks, the modular smartwatch and Kickstarter success that raised over $1.5 million last year, pre-orders for the devices opened and a release date was set for October of this year. In the latest update on Kickstarter, more images of the watches nearing final stages have been shared, and a date of late September has been chosen for the first batch of orders for backers.

In the latest update, a sign up link was provided for aspiring Blocks developers, particularly groups wishing to develop Android apps to work with the smartwatch. The team is building a set of APIs to let developers take advantage of all the functionality Blocks will have.

With its modular design, and modules with GPS, SIM card, NFC, flash storage and many more, the opportunities for app developers are basically endless.