Calgary-based VOIS telecom booted from CCTS for non-compliance

Canada’s commissioner for complaints against telecoms has been getting tough on non-compliance lately, especially when it comes to VOIP services.

Only a month after calling out VOIP service Axsit, which led to the company promptly paying up and accepting an acquisition deal, the CCTS has booted Calgary-based, business-focused VOIS telecom from its organization for failing to comply with several of its decisions.

“The ejection of VOIS from participation was based on its failure to honour the fundamental rules of our process,” states Commissioner Howard Maker in a press release.

The commissioner goes on to state that the CCTS investigated six different complaints against VOIS, concluding each one with a binding decision requiring VOIS to compensate those customers, in addition to taking other action.

VOIS failed to take any of the steps requested, reports Maker, even after the organization made numerous efforts to communicate with the telecom.

“VOIS has chosen to ignore all of our communications, leaving CCTS with no choice but to take this drastic step – a step we do not take lightly,” concludes Maker.

This termination brings with it serious consequences. Participation in the CCTS is required by Canada’s regulatory body for telecoms, the CRTC, making the company now in breach of its regulatory obligation. The CCTS says it has already reported that situation to the CRTC, which will take further steps.

“We are hopeful that the end result will be that VOIS compensates these six customers, and that it eventually returns to CCTS participation, determined to abide by the rules — the same rules that apply to all telecom service providers,” says Maker.

VOIS was founded in 2006 and offers digital phone, TV and Internet services for residential or business customers, as well as hosting, data center and private branch exchange (PBX) and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) services. Its pricing for residential VOIP services begins at $9.99 for nationwide calling and tops out at $34.99 for a two-year plan that features 4,000 minutes of global calling.

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