Google rumoured to be building new operating system called Fuchsia

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Just days ago, stirrings regarding what could be a new Google operating system began to suface. While no one knew for sure, a page had  been discovered on the code-sharing website GitHub outlining the new OS, Fuchsia.

This new OS appears unrelated to Android and doesn’t build on the foundation of the Linux kernel. The lack of an official announcement from Google suggests that this is an early-stage project.

This story was first reported by Android Police on Friday, August 12th, which suggested that the Linux kernel isn’t ideal for every OS, including embedded devices like car dashboards or GPS units. Android Police speculates that Google could treat Fuchsia as a lightweight OS used on hardware not designed for full-blown Android.

The GitHub page where remnants of Fuchsia were first discovered offers short and stark tidbits of information, including a confirmation in the headline that it’s intended to be a new OS. Furthermore, the GitHub page reveals that rather than the Linux kernel, Fuchsia will likely be built on the Magenta kernel, which is more suited to embedded devices.

Lastly, the page appears to have three users. These include Christopher Anderson, a senior systems software engineer specializing in embedded devices at Google, Brian Swetland, a senior staff software engineer at Google that worked as an Android kernel engineer at Google until 2014, and Travis Geiselbrecht, a senior software engineer working on embedded OS at Google.

It’s important to keep in mind that with a lack of finite details or any information from Google, there’s no way of knowing whether this is simply a short-term project or of it will eventually be built out for use by the public.

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