With 30 Pokéstops and 3 gyms, you’ll be able to ‘catch em’ all’ at this year’s CNE

If you want to be ” the very best, like no one ever was,” it looks like heading down to Canada’s CNE might be a good idea, especially with the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal quickly becoming a no Pokémon fun zone.

Well, according to Canadian publication Narcity, the CNE has confirmed that 30 Pokéstops and three Pokémon Go gyms will be present at the annual event. It’s unclear if these extra Pokéstops and gyms are temporary, or if they’ll be a permanent fixture in the game’s augmented reality universe.

This means that you’ll be able to battle fellow trainers and pick up extra items, all while eating a deep fried mars bar. If there’s heaven on this, this is it.

The CNE is an annual event, also known as ‘The Ex,’ that runs for 18 days leading up to and including Canada’s Labour Day Monday.

We’ve reached out to the CNE’s media department for more information about its Pokémon Go related plans.