Metal Gear Solid developer Hideo Kojima joins advisory board at VR developer

Hideo Kojima is one of the video game industry’s most notable developers. When he hits the stage at an event, often without even uttering a word, the crowd erupts into a frenzy.

After departing Konami, the publisher behind the extremely popular Metal Gear Solid franchise, Kojima announced a partnership with Sony, debuting his latest title Death Stranding at E3 2016. For months, however, it’s been rumoured that Kojima could be working on something VR related as well.

Now, exemplifying his interest in VR, Kojima has been named to VR studio Prologue Immersive’s advisory board.

“Together with Kimberly Cooper, co-founder and CEO of Prologue Immersive, and partner Kyle Cooper, Hideo is applying his experience in gaming to shape the future of VR,” reads a recent press release.

It’s unclear what Kojima’s role at Prologue will entail, or even if he’s working on any game related projects. Given his pedigree in the gaming industry, however, it’s likely that Kojima is helping the studio develop something virtual reality related.

Image credit: Wikicommons, Georges Seguin