Creepy brings pixelated platforming to Android and iOS [Game of the Week]


Platformers often don’t work very well on mobile because they’re complicated, feature graphics designed for larger display, and often rely on control schemes that require levels of accuracy not possible on a touchscreen.

Creepy, while it looks like a mid 80s monochrome Commodore 64 title, features none of the above innovations in the side-scrolling genre, and is a throwback to a pre Super Mario Bros era when video games, especially platformers were exceedingly simple.


Imagine Mega Man, but without the jumping and fast-paced gameplay, and you’ll begin to get an idea of how the game plays. Players alternate between shooting projectiles from their weapon and holding up a shield, with timing playing a key role in moving forward in the game as well as destroying enemies.

Creepy, however, is one of those titles, where if it wasn’t completely free, save for a few microtransactions that only remove advertisements from the game (which aren’t very obtrusive to begin with), it would be difficult to recommend, if only because it’s gameplay is incredibly simple, though again, that’s also part of its appeal.


It’s worth pointing out that part of why Creepy actually works on mobile is the game’s large on-screen navigation inputs, making it difficult to accidentally press the wrong button, a problem I’ve experienced with other mobile platformers. The game was developed by David Zobrist and features 12 levels in total.

Creepy is available in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store for free.