Pokémon Go will soon get more in-game rewards and new ‘Buddy’ system

Hot on the heels of the release of its new appraisal feature, Pokémon Go is set to get a new feature called ‘Buddy Pokemon,’ as well as additional in-game achievements.

The new buddy system makes a specific Pokémon appear on the screen with the player and also award you with candy for walking around town with them. It’s unclear how much candy a buddy Pokémon will provide, but this feature will have a significant impact on leveling up Pocket Monsters.

Since candy is earned by catching Pokémon and transferring them to them to Professor Willow, it’s hard to build up candy from rarer creatures. When this update launches that will no longer be the case.

During the first few weeks of Pokémon Go’s release Niantic was relatively quiet regarding its plan to update the title with new features. It’s refreshing to see the mobile developer not lay out a concrete update plan.

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