LCBO’s online order and delivery program going ‘very well’

Having alcohol delivered to your door sounds like a dream come true, so when Ontario decided to try an online ordering service that charged $12 to deliver, its chances of success were high.

That being said, apparently the LCBO didn’t expect the response to be nearly as positive as it has been, with online orders averaging almost $200 each.

Delivery requires a $50 minimum order, and in-store pickup within 12 days is also available at no additional charge. The LCBO has found that about 40 percent of online orders are for home delivery, which is higher than had been expected. The SAQ in Quebec offers a similar service, but has found only 25 percent of online orders opt for delivery.

The LCBO is expecting 40,000 orders in the first year, with an average of 12 items per order, which is what the SAQ saw in its first year of the online ordering program. One category of items that previously wasn’t available to customers, small-batch, high-end wines (purchased by the case), are among the products the LCBO is most excited about.

Currently, orders must be made through the LCBO website, but the mobile app is expected to gain that functionality by the end of 2016.

[source]The Star[/source]