Sony announces new, slimmer PlayStation 4, coming to Canada September 15

The gaming industry’s worst kept secret is at long last official. After far too many leaks to count, the slimmed down the new PlayStation 4 is coming to Canada on September 15th.

The company announced during its recent PlayStation Meeting that the smaller version of the PlayStation 4 will retail for $379 CAD. While the newest console is extremely similar in function to the PlayStation 4, its simplified design reduces its size noticeable, reports The Verge.

The new PS4 will also come with an upgraded DualShock 4 controller, complete with a new and improved light bar now visible from the front. The first PS4 was released nearly three years ago, and while the existence of a smaller PS4 was suspected Sony had yet to confirm this until today.

However, what became known as the PS4 slim has already made its debut on the internet with several leaks having taken place before Sony’s official announcement. The most notable of these include Gumtree and Eurogamer as well as some unofficial reviews of the product.

The PlayStation 4 Pro was also officially unveiled today, originally code named the PS4 Neo, which is intended as an additional upgrade alongside the next generation of the PS4.

This announcement follows the recent launch of the Xbox One S, which is similar to the new PS4 in the sense that it streamlines Microsoft’s original Xbox One design.

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