Sony’s new PS4 accessories will be available in Canada on September 15

Sony didn’t give them much attention to them during its PlayStation Pro press briefing yesterday (there was a new, more powerful console to show off, after all), but the company has a new set of PlayStation 4 peripherals on their way to Canada next week.

To start, there’s a new DualShock 4 controller. Priced at $75, it features a redesigned touch pad that allows the coloured light from the light bar to pass through. In addition, the controller is now capable of sending data to and from the PS4 over USB, not just Bluetooth, which should help keep things smooth even when there’s wireless interference. Unfortunately, a higher capacity battery is nowhere to be found.


Next, there’s a new a PlayStation Camera. It features all the same features as the current PS Camera but packages them in a new cylindrical form factor with easier to adjust stand. When it comes to Canada next week, the new PlayStation Camera will cost $75.


Last but not least, Sony plans to release a new Platinum Wireless headset. Set to be available for $200, the major changes here are a more premium construction and hidden noise-cancelling microphones for a better chat experience.

All three peripherals will be available in Canada starting on September 15.