Chinese manufacturer ATL will become main supplier of Note 7 batteries

Note 7

In light of the events of recent weeks, Samsung has turned to a new vendor to supply the batteries for the Galaxy Note 7.

The primary battery provider for the Note 7, and the majority of Samsung devices, has been Samsung SDI up to this point, a subsidiary of the Korean electronics manufacturer.

When the Note 7 began experiencing problems with the device’s batteries at the end of August, Samsung was forced to recall millions of devices, therefore racking up billions of dollars in losses.

As solution, according to Reuters, one of Samsung’s other battery providers, ATL, will become the sole battery provider for the Galaxy Note 7.

A source told Reuters that ATL received additional orders for the Note 7 after the global recall. While a representative from ATL couldn’t comment on specific clients, they did confirm that ATL had received a significant increase in business this month. ATL is also a listed supplier for Apple, who recently unveiled two new devices in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

According to Reuters however, this is only a temporary solution.

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