Montréal-based wearable startup OMsignal launches smart bra

Montréal-based wearable company OMsignal, which is known for its high-tech line of shirts, produced the OMbra fitness tracking sports bra to capture metrics on breathing, heart rate and precise body movement, which it then relays to the OMrun app. The app customizes targets for individual runners based on the information its given from the user.

“Our focus was to create a beautiful sports bra to enhance a woman’s body, respond to the unique strains of running, and accurately detect the body’s core signals,” said Joanna Berzowska, head of electronic textiles at OM, in a press release, adding that the product boasts specially engineered fabrics and advanced sensor technology.

The bra starter kit includes a bra, an ‘OMbox’ (the sensor that attaches to the bra) and a microUSB charger for $189.00, while the bra alone runs $79.00 and the OMbox runs $110.00. It is now available online and at retail locations in Quebec including Boutique Courir, Sports Experts and Sportium.

Expect a hands-on — perhaps not the right term in this instance — with the unique Canadian wearable coming from MobileSyrup in the next few weeks.

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