Reports emerge that some iPhone 7s are making hissing noises

Over the last few days, multiple reports of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus making “hissing noises” have popped up on Twitter, Reddit and other social media platforms.

While it’s unclear if this issue will rise to ‘gate’ level in the same way as ‘bendgate,’ the number of reports seem to be increasing. If iMore’s analysis is to be believed, however, the problem likely isn’t a big deal.

According to 512 Pixels’ Stephen Hackett, however, the problem sounds far from normal, and could be related to the phone being under a heavy processing load. The consensus on the internet right now is that the sound stems from a ‘coil noise’ and that this is the sort of audible sound high-powered processors and almost any kind of high-end electronics often make.

This is certainly accurate; when holding up most phones to my ear, I often here a low-pitched buzzing noise. It’s unclear if these iPhone 7 buzzing issue stems from over-vigilante users on guard because of the Note 7’s penchant for overheating and exploding, or if it really is a widespread issue.

Apple has reportedly declined to comment on the story according to multiple publications that reached out to the tech giant. For what it’s worth, neither the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus we currently have at our office is experiencing this buzzing issue. In fact, I actually don’t know anyone who has run into the problem.

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